April 20, 2008

Yudl - Ay - EEE - Ooooo

If I could be anywhere...

These are definitely a "need"

I love these shoes... maybe for christmas

April 19, 2008

wedding bliss

Here are some of my favorite from the wedding.  We aren't technically allowed to use these since they still aren't ordered (my fault) but I'm sure Dan will understand.  They turned out wonderful, and it was such a fun day! My parents definitely were troopers.

our little june bug

This is our pride and joy.. until we have the real thing.  She's great at cuddling, and is a great "watchdog" when I'm home alone.  At this moment she's asleep on my lap, how can't you love her?

the cardon blog is born...

Until I untangle the mysteries of blogging, this will do.