July 28, 2009

summer nights

we went to the canyon tonight
to eat dinner...
i'm so diggin' the summer

July 22, 2009


my mom's collecting pictures
to hang in the pool house....

this one made me laugh

{was suppose to work on homework tonight....
instead wasted it on photoshop}

July 19, 2009

no place like home...

this past week has been a little crazy.....
{and i only have 2 pictures to show for it}

1. left for powell
2. tried slalom
{every part of our body aches}
3. visited the best friends animal shelter in kanab
{thanks for the tour tara!}
4. drove back home
5. worked
6. schooled
7. more work and school
8. drove down to st. george
{and melted in the 113 degree heat}
9. realized i forgot my recommend at home....
10. found a way into the temple
{and attended a beautiful sealing}
11. drove home
{and sang to the 80's}
12. taught my first yw lesson
13. found out bob + tammy are moving :(
{to oklahoma}

to make it all better ryno made me a yummy strawberry smoothie....
{thank you....}