November 21, 2010

the little reader

two things i learned about my little guy this week...

1. he can sit up all by himself and 2. he loves books
so now that i know his love of books
i'm on the hunt for some fantastic children books for my little g.
{who doesn't love new books under the tree?}

here were some of my favorites growing up...

any suggestions?

November 16, 2010

3 year anniversary

happy three years to my handsome husband.

life is so much better with a side-kick.

November 11, 2010

a terrific thursday.

i came home from a long day of school, and this was waiting for me....

i  know what you're thinking....a vacuum?
this vacuum cleans carpets. i always thought you had to hire a carpet cleaner for that.
but now i can do it myself with my early anniversary gift.

i must say, i never though i would be SO excited for a carpet cleaner.
i was literally jumping up and down because i love nothing more than clean carpets.

and then, i had this delicious chicken for dinner that ryne made just for me.
want the recipe?

so very yummy. i promise

November 8, 2010

favorite video of the week

i have been following her blog for quite a while...
she just posted this a few days ago.

Postcards From Italy from ForYouLoveMe on Vimeo.

very cute.