March 26, 2009

tiny tamzey

my aunt cari had her baby this past tuesday...3 weeks early!
tamzey was 6 lbs. 10 oz. and 18 inches long
so tiny!

march is the month for birthdays in our family...
{9 and counting}
ryne & tamzey

March 24, 2009


the hub and i decided to spend a date night down at color me mine...
{probably one of my favorite places in the whole wide world}

i painted a bowl.... {which is too ugly to share}
and ryno made this fabulous garden gnome.
his name is norman, and he is our new friend....

p.s. i have a new little cousin!! the hub and i are going over tonight to take some pics...
& will definitely put on soon!

March 20, 2009

to twitter or not to twitter....

have any of you heard of this twitter thing?
i'm hearing so much about it, so decided to join...
{not that i don't have enough to do already}
does anyone else have twitter and want to be my friend?
knowing that lance armstrong twitters.... that's reason enough for me!

March 16, 2009

restaurant cardoni

one thing i'm totally diggin' with ryne teaching this class is his "practice" sessions before each thursday.

last week he planned on making pizzas for class, and the night before brushed up his pizza making skills at home.

Granted, this is his 1st pizza ever attempted, and the 2nd best pizza i've ever tasted {1st being grimaldi's}

ryno even cooked me up my favorite breakfast-in-bed for my bday...what a guy.

i also made him cook me and my fam some of his superb steaks.
and i promise, this is a look of love...
{or maybe he is sick of me taking too many pictures?}

can you blame me for being chubby?

March 2, 2009

todd's turning 40....43....49....55?

it's my papa's birthday tomorrow {03.03}
i'm not allowed this year to reveal his true age..
so how shall we celebrate the birth of this old man?

1. surprise visit to work {he grew out of that decades ago}
2. lunch out with the buddies {he use to take me to arctic circle on my special day}
3. sentimental gifts from his fam {so excited about his present this year}
4. dinner to the delicious p.f. changs {my favorite part of the day}

happy birthday papa!!

i've got some exciting things planned tomorrow...
will definitely post the fun day!