November 24, 2008

My hottie of an aunt

while hanging out at my ginny + po's, i came across this ancient pic. can you answer this simple question?

November 18, 2008

one year down...

this past sunday ryno and i celebrated our 1 year anniversary...the more i am with him, the more i realize just how much i love the guy...

i love that he never makes me drive
i love that our primary kids adore him, and not me
i love that he is such a great cook
i love his hair
i love that he has converted me to seinfeld & d.p.
i love how clean he is
i love his determination in everything
i love that he never gets angry
i love his ability to eat...everything
i love how accepting he is 
i love that he makes me laugh no matter the circumstances

hopefully more & more to come... love ya ryno...

November 14, 2008

franklin covey

my sweet mom brought me this to work today as a old one is thrashed...oo i can't wait to start planning!

mine is yellow...

November 10, 2008

rain rain...

please stay. i love the rain...ryne and i plan on moving to seattle someday simply because of the wet weather... i am on the lookout for an umbrella similar to this..

i also love these burberry boots...

November 3, 2008


i have an addiction...with dill pickle sunflower seeds. at this very moment i am shelling away until my nails are raw with the excess amount of salt (i'm a nail biter, another bad obsession.) it's such a weird thing considering i absolutely hate pickles, especially when it's not even from a real pickle. but after i finish my handfuls of seeds for the night, ryne demands i then go brush my teeth because i smell funny...

you may ask what has compelled me to eat through a whole 1 pound bag at 10:30 p.m.? this book, i truly can't put it down...don't know if i would recommend it though, a little strange, which is probably why i like it...