March 23, 2011

baby emerson

has anyone else seen this?

just what i needed today.

March 18, 2011

toy story

while organizing our attic a few weeks ago, i came across a box of ryne's old things from when he was little.
inside was every character from toy story that his dad had kept safe for so long.
can i tell you how glad i am that these treasures weren't thrown away or donated?

how neat that we can pass this on to little g.

March 13, 2011


has anyone heard of it? could be said that i'm addicted...

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March 4, 2011

march 3rd

was a busy day for g and i, considering we celebrated three birthdays.
we first celebrated katie's birthday at magleby's fresh (love their rolls)..

then we celebrated g-man's 9 month b-day with a trip to the doctor..
i wish i was one of those mom's who took a picture of my boy every month 
{i tried, but i think i forgot after month two}
this is the best i've got...

can you tell yesterday's appointment was a little rough?

after the doctor drama, we had a birthday dinner with my cute dad.
{have i mentioned what steller grandpa he is to mr. g?}

{march 3rd, 1990}
march is a busy birthday month...and it's just the beginning.