August 11, 2008

25 years ago today...

my parents got hitched... 25 years! that seems so long coming from someone who has been married just 1. i love what my parents are together... thanks mom and pop for being who you are! i love ya both! xoxo

August 9, 2008

shelly's wedding

my dear friend shelly just married her sweetheart a few weeks ago. it was such a fun/yummy wedding to attend :) i helped with the candy bar, and also ate endless scoops of coldstone ice cream. such a fun day! congrats shell and brandon! {pictures taken by jami}

August 4, 2008

lucky little meggie...

my mom and sis decided it was about time to update meggie's new room... so not only does this mean she gets a bedroom makeover, it also means i get to have her old bedspread, which my sweet mom made herself...i couldn't be happier! thanks to serena & lily, my little sis will have her new room by the end of this week...i'll definitely have to go over for a slumber party...