October 31, 2010

our little chicken.

seriously, what a fantastic weekend.
 it started with visiting granny annie at work in g's costume.  
we then went to a trunk-or-treat/soup cook-off where ryne won the "most original soup" in our ward.

saturday night, us and our "little chicken" stopped off for clam chowder at ginny + po's

marin + chelsey were nice enough to watch our little guy while we went to dinner and a movie with the barkers.  

such a little trooper.

October 29, 2010

i love halloween....

for many reasons, but obviously my favorite part about halloween is the costumes
and there is one person who takes the cake when it comes to dressing up....
my dad.

last year he won the best overall costume at work. we were quite proud. 

they really get into the halloween spirit where he works. 
each "team" chooses a theme, and they all dress up according to their theme.

this year they decided to re-enact the whole tiger scandal.
can you find my dad?

who knew he had such sexy legs!

so guess who won best overall costume for 2010?
yep, my dad rocks.

October 27, 2010

david beckham

my favorite you tube video of the week....


October 21, 2010

what's for dinner?

ryne has been working nights since i've known him, and this past week he changed his schedule to just working during the day. at first i was excited, but then it hit me....
i have to cook dinner?!

my secret is out. i can't cook. my family jokes that i actually married a man who does what i should know how to do (lucky me, right?)
 so i need help! does anyone have any tried and true recipes that they would share?

my boys and i would greatly appreciate it :)

October 13, 2010


since i was little, i would always get super excited if anything came for me in the mail.
i'm still like that.
wouldn't you be thrilled if this was waiting for you in your mailbox?
 missionary letters from elder chase, to amazon orders, to my martha stewart living 
i patiently wait until 4 to see what i received in my mailbox.

i feel as though writing letters isn't cool anymore, and it makes me sad.
so when i came across this website, i signed up immediately.

i also love this idea.  if only i had photography skills.

and graham also says hello....

love him.

October 10, 2010


while going through thousands of pics on my mom's computer
these three made me smile.

my sweet nana. she passed away three years ago, and i've missed her like crazy.

   obviously not nana, but on nana's couch with nana's silly glasses.

lucky for me, this grandma also knew how to cook.
and i may even post her flub dub recipe next week..
{think jell-o, but so much better}

October 5, 2010

yogurt melts

some may call this bad parenting...
but we were just experimenting.

since graham turned 4 months, we figured he could try something a little bit more exciting than milk.  turns out he's not quite ready for it.

sorry for the poor quality!

and if you're still interested in silhouettes, i could always use more!! 

a few tips...
1) the silhouettes turn out much more accurate if you are not smiling in your picture. 

 2) girls should try to show their neck. if not, you look like you have a trunk for a neck from your hair :) (and who wants that!)

send them before friday to

October 3, 2010

my four-month old friend

my little buddy is 4 months today.
i never thought i could love him more.

i finally found the time to do his silhouette.
if i can make one for charlie, baby g must be next.

so i have a small favor...
there's a project i'm working on for my portfolio
and i need your pictures!
if you're willing to help me out:

1. take a profile picture (you, your kids, or whoever you find special). try to make the background as plain as possible.

2. send it to my email:

3. i will use your pic to make a silhouette for my project, and then send back your very own silhouette to do as you please. make sure to add any specifications you may have (color, size, name, etc)

thank you thank you!