October 3, 2010

my four-month old friend

my little buddy is 4 months today.
i never thought i could love him more.

i finally found the time to do his silhouette.
if i can make one for charlie, baby g must be next.

so i have a small favor...
there's a project i'm working on for my portfolio
and i need your pictures!
if you're willing to help me out:

1. take a profile picture (you, your kids, or whoever you find special). try to make the background as plain as possible.

2. send it to my email:

3. i will use your pic to make a silhouette for my project, and then send back your very own silhouette to do as you please. make sure to add any specifications you may have (color, size, name, etc)

thank you thank you!


Melanie said...

I have always wanted a silhouette! I'm in...and maybe you could even show me how to create one on my own???

Terry Family said...

Are you serious? I would LOVE to have a silhouette of Eli:)

carebear said...

That is the cutest stinkin' silhouette of Graham! I am constantly amazed at your talents!

Leandra said...

I would love silhouette's of our family! I'll try and send you pictures by tomorrow.

Lanie said...

Oh my! I have been wanting to do this forever! I would love a silhouette of everyone in our family!

White Out said...

Dani THAT is so cute!! Wow great job! If you don't have enough volunteers... let me know ;)!