September 28, 2009

oprah's video

this video is pretty fun...
though i think oprah's a little crazy.

September 25, 2009

birthdays + disasters

i wanted to thank everyone who helped with ryne's birthday
it was a definite success and he was {almost} surprised...

notice the "ryme" on his tres leches....
the waiters could not figure out his name.

and speaking of birthdays...
we had a little party for ryne this week
i insisted on making the cake....

that darn icing.
{we had pizza instead}

September 9, 2009


i'm really excited for this premier tonight...

you can check out the trailer here
{let me know what you think}

September 8, 2009

all grown meggie

ryne took meg driving this weekend....
boy am i scared.

the first time starting the car she didn't even stall!
she was born for the road...
{or so she says...}