February 25, 2011

taking a sick day

these past couple days g-man just hasn't been feeling himself..
feeling so hopeless and sad for my little guy.

thankfully, something always cheers him up...
 a bath, followed by play-time in his birthday suit.

ps. notice his stork bite?  his one and only birthmark

February 12, 2011

the park

hooray for warmer weather! 
we were finally able to take little g man to the park.

he loved it.
{see his pose on the left? such a cool dude}

February 9, 2011

fruity idea

i love love love this idea from twig & thistle
such an easy {and delicious} valentine surprise.

click here for the sticker pdf.

February 7, 2011

so behind....

it's been a whole month since my last post
and for good reason...
since starting this semester, it has literally taken over my life 
{as well as my poor little family}

thankfully, i have these bands that keep my sane...for some of the time :)

any other suggestions for some soothing tunes? i could always use more.