February 25, 2011

taking a sick day

these past couple days g-man just hasn't been feeling himself..
feeling so hopeless and sad for my little guy.

thankfully, something always cheers him up...
 a bath, followed by play-time in his birthday suit.

ps. notice his stork bite?  his one and only birthmark


Ellsworth said...

what a cute little bum. Hope he feels better soon. Love you guys.

The Walkers said...

Crew is just the same! He will be happy in a bath no matter what. It's a nice little trick to be able to pull out when I just can't think of anything else!

Cute baby :)

Taisy Daisy!! said...

man dani that little graham is a stud!
i miss you to! i havent seen you forever! i am going to florida march 9th...10 DAYS!! AHH! i am so excited! :) well i am just fabulous! how are you?!?!?
hope i get to see you soon
luv ya
taisy daisy

Marin said...

look at that cute little bum he has. i'm sorry he's been sick, let me know if i can do anything