March 4, 2011

march 3rd

was a busy day for g and i, considering we celebrated three birthdays.
we first celebrated katie's birthday at magleby's fresh (love their rolls)..

then we celebrated g-man's 9 month b-day with a trip to the doctor..
i wish i was one of those mom's who took a picture of my boy every month 
{i tried, but i think i forgot after month two}
this is the best i've got...

can you tell yesterday's appointment was a little rough?

after the doctor drama, we had a birthday dinner with my cute dad.
{have i mentioned what steller grandpa he is to mr. g?}

{march 3rd, 1990}
march is a busy birthday month...and it's just the beginning.


Jeana Rock said...

Wow! I have forgotten how much he has grown!

Kinsale said...

I love march! When are we going to eat for our bdays!! and Ryne and Jordan better get us something pretty that has a jcrew tag on it!;)

Metro Moments and other happenings said...

These pictures are great! So crazy to watch him grow.

I hate that I am so far away!

Hope to see you soon.