October 10, 2010


while going through thousands of pics on my mom's computer
these three made me smile.

my sweet nana. she passed away three years ago, and i've missed her like crazy.

   obviously not nana, but on nana's couch with nana's silly glasses.

lucky for me, this grandma also knew how to cook.
and i may even post her flub dub recipe next week..
{think jell-o, but so much better}


Shelly & Brandon said...

Can't wait for the recpie! Its hard loosing your grandma!

kjandbear said...

Oh do i miss her too! Every year on my birthday I am reminded of her. I am reminded of how good you and jord were to me to think of me and take me to dinner! We are so blessed by family around us! Sure love you! oh.... and weren't those days the best when we always wore Nana's glasses?