March 18, 2011

toy story

while organizing our attic a few weeks ago, i came across a box of ryne's old things from when he was little.
inside was every character from toy story that his dad had kept safe for so long.
can i tell you how glad i am that these treasures weren't thrown away or donated?

how neat that we can pass this on to little g.


Katie said...

That is so cute! And so great that his dad saved them. What a treasure. My husband was horrified to find out that his parents gave away his old Stockton and Malone jerseys from his childhood.

Marin said...

ok... that is the cutest thing. i love that he wrote his name on the boot. cute little guy. our dad has been so good at keeping stuff like that

Ellsworth said...

that is so sweet. although, it makes me feel super old that Ryne was a little kid when Toy Story came out! What the heck! I know I'm old, but really?? I had to look it up. It came out in '95. I cried all through toy story 3 knowing that my baby would be going off to school soon. :( it goes too fast! enjoy your little cutie. It's hard to believe he's already 9 months old!