November 18, 2008

one year down...

this past sunday ryno and i celebrated our 1 year anniversary...the more i am with him, the more i realize just how much i love the guy...

i love that he never makes me drive
i love that our primary kids adore him, and not me
i love that he is such a great cook
i love his hair
i love that he has converted me to seinfeld & d.p.
i love how clean he is
i love his determination in everything
i love that he never gets angry
i love his ability to eat...everything
i love how accepting he is 
i love that he makes me laugh no matter the circumstances

hopefully more & more to come... love ya ryno...


Melanie said...

Wow, you must be in love..keep it going..

Ellsworth said...

i can't believe it's been a whole year. congratulations, and what a sweet blog. I remember when I liked tadd to drive (sigh.) he drives like an old man now.

Jeana Rock said...

I love that you love him! I love him too. What a great kid. I'm glad he's a great husband.