March 16, 2009

restaurant cardoni

one thing i'm totally diggin' with ryne teaching this class is his "practice" sessions before each thursday.

last week he planned on making pizzas for class, and the night before brushed up his pizza making skills at home.

Granted, this is his 1st pizza ever attempted, and the 2nd best pizza i've ever tasted {1st being grimaldi's}

ryno even cooked me up my favorite breakfast-in-bed for my bday...what a guy.

i also made him cook me and my fam some of his superb steaks.
and i promise, this is a look of love...
{or maybe he is sick of me taking too many pictures?}

can you blame me for being chubby?


sdralphs said...

yeah Dani cause you're so chubby! NOT! Tell him to keep feeding you! It's so worth it! I love food!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shelly & Brandon said...

O what a cute hubby! And I love the name for a resturant! You should start it! And we are now expecting an invite over for a pizza night :) ha ha

Kirsten said...

Happy Birthday Dani!
I just learned you have a blog from facebook--fantastic invention--and in my attempt to keep up on family, I'll be following. Yay!


You have the cutest hubby ever! What can't he do???? Your one lucky girl!!!! I hope you had a great Birthday, it looks like it from the pictures!

Amanda and Jake Matagi said...

Dani, you give Ryne all of the credit, which i'm sure he is fabulous. But I do recall some VERY delicious chocolates being brought to me at work that I quickly scarfed down. You need to blog about how amazing those were.