July 19, 2009

no place like home...

this past week has been a little crazy.....
{and i only have 2 pictures to show for it}

1. left for powell
2. tried slalom
{every part of our body aches}
3. visited the best friends animal shelter in kanab
{thanks for the tour tara!}
4. drove back home
5. worked
6. schooled
7. more work and school
8. drove down to st. george
{and melted in the 113 degree heat}
9. realized i forgot my recommend at home....
10. found a way into the temple
{and attended a beautiful sealing}
11. drove home
{and sang to the 80's}
12. taught my first yw lesson
13. found out bob + tammy are moving :(
{to oklahoma}

to make it all better ryno made me a yummy strawberry smoothie....
{thank you....}


Shelly & Brandon said...

Wow! that sounds like a crazy week! What a sweet hubby though! You guys look hot (not temp) as always!