October 21, 2008

california lovin

so we all had a wonderful time down in the beautiful newport beach...the highlight was definitely our last day as we strolled down rodeo drive in beverly hills. my dad has a habit of pointing out look-a-likes to friends, families, and movie stars everywhere we go. it goes something like "hey look kids, there's kelly osbourne" when it's truly a scary looking young woman with tattoos and earrings through her nose. we always find it very entertaining.

anyway, as we are walking down rodeo, my dad says "hey look, there's Reese Witherspoon going into that lingerie store." ryne and I didn't believe him, but chase + meg insisted it was her, and refused to leave until she walked outside so they could get a better look...sure enough it was reese. chase was the only lucky guy there to actually get a picture with her...he still has a grin on his face...


Tessa and Jeff said...

Dani!! Howa are you guys! I haven't seen you in forever. That's pretty cool you saw Reese Witherspoon, she my hubby's favorite actress... :) Well, let's keep in touch!

Ellsworth said...

Well no wonder he still has a smile on his face - I think she has her hand on his butt!! go chase! What a fun celebrity to run in to. I love her. Glad ya'll had a good time.