October 3, 2008

My favorite holiday

is by far halloween. this weekend, my mom and i will be multi-tasking by watching conference while making some spooky halloween crafts...this is my project for our primary kids... let you know how it turns out! happy haunting! oh and thanks martha!


Ellsworth said...

Don't ya just love Halloween??? It's such a fun holiday. It sounds like you and your mom are going to have a great time. Tadd's making some gravestones off of the Martha website too. She had so many cute ideas this year. The house we'll be renting has 4 awesome acres for a spooky Halloween haunted forest. Yardley and Graesie are planning a Halloween party, and I think we'll probably use a bunch of her ideas. What is your calling? Are you in the Primary Pres? Wish I was there with ya'll making fun stuff. Love ya!

sdralphs said...

Dani! I miss you! I'm glad you found my blog, I thought you knew I had one. I have been following yours for some time now. we need to meet up and double date! i love the halloween candy. it's so cute!