January 23, 2010

prego problems

why did i even go into this store and try these on
when i know in a few months i won't be able to fit into any of them?

does anyone know of a good place to find maternity clothes?
motherhood just doesn't do it for me.


Leandra said...

Hey that top little open cardigan would work! Get it :). Excited for you to be preggs, I don't know if I already told you congrats

Suzana said...

i wore a lot of stuff that wasn't technically "maternity" for a long time. like those cardigans you could probably wear the entire pregnancy! i LOVE gap maternity, and they have really good clearance. plus you'll wear the stuff from there on later pregnancies. shade has some cute stuff too, especially online. old navy is ok, but a lot cheaper. and i hear burlington has good stuff, but i never actually made it over there to look. congrats!!! enjoy it!

Amanda and Jake Matagi said...

Soon enough you can wear little Maxi dresses that will look so cute when you are pregnant.

Walkers said...

Lance bought me 3 maternity tops from Old Navy that were really cute and stylish. I love them. I also found a bunch of stuff that will work even when I'm big from Forever 21 online. I'm with you, Motherhood just doesn't do it.