June 21, 2010

father's day

ryne celebrated his first "real" father's day yesterday

{dad, baby g, uncle john, po & ryno}

 i'm so grateful for all these guys. my sweet hubby has been wonderful these past few weeks while baby g has sucked all the energy out of me. even with a new baby, new calling, and new job all within a week, he has been my all-around superhero, and he can change diapers like a champ.  who knew!?

while we all ate, graham....

hung out with grandpa
and slept
{so typical of our little burrito}


Taisy Daisy!! said...

ahh dani he is so stinkin cute! i need to come see him! i love how you did all the pictures...together...! get it??

White Out said...

Your cute dad! He was beaming about him at church yesterday! So cute dan! Im excited for you!

Katie said...

your little burrito is so cute! And your dad is an adorable grandpa. It's amazing how much a cute little baby changes people... :)

kels&murr said...

dani he is soooo cute! we need to stop by and bring you a little gift! and how cute is your sweet dad with him?!?! i bet your parents are just loving their new grandbaby. congrats!!!

carebear said...

I think your dad will be the cutest grandpa! He reminds me so much of my dad and I know he would have been an awesome grandpa too! I am so proud of you and love how you have turned out so beautifully!

Melanie said...

Nice generational pic. Graham is sweet enough to eat! loved seeing you & Ryne at the reunion.