January 6, 2011

busy bees

wow, it's been awhile...
life here in the cardon home is great, but very busy
we spent our christmas in oklahoma with grandma + grandpa cardon.

little g loved all the attention..
but only if he was held by dad or mom.
{little stinker}

he was a crowd-pleaser during bath time.
smiling and splashing whenever we asked :)

i was also able to work on a few christmas projects this past month.
some of my favorites...

my mom's recipe book
still a work in progress...

and linda's fondest memories
i loved this project done for my aunt cari's mother-in-law
definitely a loved lady.

hope you all had a great christmas and new years!


Dance Works said...

holy cow... you have been busy! that cookbook looks awesome... where's mine? in the mail?

Dance Works said...

sorry, this is marin, not danceworks