June 2, 2011

one year down

how did this happen that i have a one-year-old living in my house?

messes have become messier, bathtime has become comical (he tried to eat the bubbles tonight) and eating has turned into an never-ending buffet (this little man can eat!)

tomorrow is his birthday, and we plan on celebrating like crazy people. 
wish us luck..lots to do!


Amanda and Jake Matagi said...

That picture is adorable, I can't believe he is one already!

*Taisy Daisy* said...

that is the cutest picture ever! I LOVE IT!!!! :)

Katie said...

He is so so cute! It's crazy how fast times goes. One is just so much fun though!

Alissa said...

Wow he is already one! That is such a fun are so creative:)